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Gallery MAK specializes in selling art from Slovenian and foreign contemporary, acknowledged and mostly academic artists. Our long tradition and specialised knowledge offer you high-quality purchase. We’d love to meet your expectations.

Author of the month

Marinko Jelaća
Marinko Jelaća was born in 1954 in Split where he still lives and works as freelance artist (since1993). He graduated in 1985 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo where he studied sculpture in profesor Alija Kuckalic’s class. For years, his work was based on drypoint techniques. Besides graphics, he also worked in others techniques such as wood cut, sculpture, pastel, terracotta… He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in his country and aboard: Italy(Rome), Denmark (Copenhagen), Albania (Tirana), Austria (Wiena,Grazz), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Japan (Tokyo).

Pay attention to interesting authors.

Ji Suk Baek
Ji Suk Baek was born in South Korea in 1966. The large format of canvases fully corresponds to her te,perament, to her dedicated, careful but at the same time excepionally vigorus, fast and strong gestural mastering of the format as numerous pictorial layers and deep perspectives of the painting. In the foreground there will sometimes be a nicely reduced actual image of nature with a recognisable genesis of the subject (winter-woods), in which the artist brings the real experience of peace and the complete silence of the landscape. In most of her latest canvases Yi Baek Suk creates compositions that are close to the tradition of lyrical abstraction, wich accentuated gestures of vertical brush strokes, while often implementing the experience of calligraphy.

Vladimir Makuc
Vladimir Makuc studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in 1954. He completed postgraduate studies specializing in restoration and preservation with prof. Miroslav Šubic. At the beginning his main focus was woodcut, later on also etching and aquatint. The artist’s motifs are mainly linked to the coast, Karst and Mediterranean. In his prints, paintings and sculptures often appears the motif of bull and bird.

Avtorsko zaščitena slika.