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He was born in Bodislavci, Mala Nedelja, Slovenia, on October 26, 1926. He joined the National Liberation Movement in Gorenjska in April 1944 and became a member of the graphic service. Here he made his first drawings, which later became an important element of his print work. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1945, and graduated from the class of Professor Gabrijel Stupica in 1949. Together with Vida Fakin, Milan Rijavec, Milan Bizovicar, Slavko Kores and other artists, he belonged to the core group of the first post-war generation of Slovene artists. He has worked as a free-lance artist since 1951. Slana’s study trips took him to France, Norway, Egypt, and America. His first independent exhibition was in 1953; he has exhibited in the Near East, Africa, Europe, and on several occasions in the USA, among others in the Boston Art Gallery. Slana has received several awards and commendations: First Prize for Painting at the Second Mediterranean Biennial in Alexandria in 1957, the 1964 Preseren Foundation Award for his cycle of works of art with motifs of earthquake-devastated Skopje, the Kunstverein Award at the Intart Exhibition in Klagenfurt in 1967, and the Award of Blue Salon Exhibition in Zadar in 1968