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Metka Krašovec

Metka Krašovec was born on 7 October 1941 in Ljubljana. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (1960-64, under Professors Marij Pregelj, S.Pengov, Gabrijel Stupica). She pursued post-graduate studies in painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts (1964-66, under Prof. Gabrijel Stupica), and continued her post-graduate studies at the Department of Painting and Graphic Art of Ohio University, Athens (Ohio, USA 1966-1967). She then pursued post-graduate studies in graphic art at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts (1968-70, Prof. R. Debenjak) and studied at the Department of Graphic Art at the Royal College of Art in London (1974-75, Professors A. Grant, A. Dunn). In 1980 she continued her training in Mexico. She has travelled around the world (her visits to India, 1977, and South America, 1985, represent particular influences on her art). Since 1977 she has been lecturing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (since 1991 as full professor of drawing and painting) and is a member of the Equrna Gallery. In 1973, she received the Prešeren Fund Award, in 1976 the Kajuh Award for Book Design and in 1983 the Jakopič Award. Her main activities are painting (she creates series of works based on her intimate experiences and her travels), drawing, graphic art and design.