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Ive Šubic

Ive Šubic (23 April 1922 – 29 December 1989) was a Slovene painter, graphic artists and illustrator. Šubic was born in the village of Hotovlja near Poljane above Škofja Loka in 1922. He enrolled in the Zagreb Academy of Arts in 1940, but his studies were interrupted by the Second World War. He joined the partisans in 1941 and participated in the Battle of Dražgoše, the monument to which he later participated in designing. After the war he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana under Gojmir Anton Kos and Božidar Jakac. He graduated in 1948. He is known for his paintings, linocuts and other prints, illustrations and murals. In 1968 he won the Prešeren Foundation Award for the exhibition of his art in the Škofja Loka Museum. In 1979 he won the Grand Prešeren Award for his creative achievemnts. He also won the Levstik Award for his illustrations five times.