Riccardo Biavati

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Riccardo Biavati lives and works in his hometown Ferrara. His work is very poetic and paticular. Nature is his main inspiration and together with his unbelievable imagination Riccardo Biavati creates a wonderful world similar to fairy-tales. His work ranks him to the leading artists of italian sculpture. The Bottega delle Stelle, run by Riccardo Biavati, has been working in the field of ceramic art for many years. Everything produced in his “Bottega” is moulded out of clay and hand-painted using specially prepared glazes. Each piece is unique. All the various forms created by Riccardo  Biavati, even those more openly made to be used, have a soul of their own and perhaps that is why they manage to go beyond the heaviness of the clay that they are modelled from, becoming a substance that dreams are made of.